Bugs, recommendations, and other things i've found so far

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Bugs, recommendations, and other things i've found so far

Post by sumy on Mon May 18, 2015 12:38 am

Here i'll write any bugs i've found, aesthetic issues, possible areas of confusion, etc i find as i slowly play the game. As i play i'm going to add to this post to help the devs as much as i can. Some of this may seem like i'm being critical and to be honest i am but my goal for being critical is to bring things to light that may otherwise be overlooked. Also i'm usually not a fan of the art style but have enjoyed the 5 minutes of play so much so far that i plan on making a section for things i really like and hope don't get changed.

Here are somethings i found so far:

installer doesn't auto-launch the game.

installer doesn't have an option to create a shortcut.

doesn't specify what to retype in launcher. (means retype password but some may get confused by this)

spells are unlocked even when you aren't high enough level to cast them.

weapons and armor should be told to be equipped in narrative or auto equip the items.

you must be 100% facing the person to talk to them

chat box takes up too much space.

When talking to a NPC it doesn't go back to the chat options layout when finished. The player must press CNTRL again to see the other chat options available to them.

Having a person guide you from the start makes me feel rushed and doesn't allow me to get immersed at all (not the dudes fault just their presence in general does this) if you want the player to go in a specific direction use level design to draw them there. This can be a bright color on a dark template, obvious outline to represent something hidden, or symbols like exclamation points and question marks.

when logging back in i couldn't cast spells and had to unequip and re-equip my staff and robe

when clicking on the bottom left panels if you miss you move there by accident. a fix for this would have  dead zone there when the blue arrow is clicked.

after killing my first blue blob i couldn't attack anymore because it said "i didn't have a valid target"

For some reason i get an annoying sound glitch were it sounds like someone is playing a note non-stop. Restarting the game fixes it (good thing launching the game only takes like 2 seconds lol)

Here are somethings i really enjoyed so far:

The animation for the magic is very aesthetically pleasing and hope i see more types and animations for magic later.

Most of the sounds so far are pleasant and aren't distraction/annoying (except that sound glitch lol)

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Re: Bugs, recommendations, and other things i've found so far

Post by MajestaAdmin on Mon May 18, 2015 12:56 am

YES sum! thank you for all this!


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